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That children can create Stop Motion Animation with Windows 7.

My son is like stop motion animation with Lego and the use Windows Movie Maker on incarnations before both Windows XP and Vista, we were surprised at the lack of recent purchases. Windows 7 do not know why Microsoft has decided to cull this program from the incredibly practical. Installed base and enable the download. Maybe they need a lot of hits their website.

To download the latest version of Windows Movie Maker, recommended by Microsoft that you download. Windows Live Suite that you get a version. slimmed down from Movie Maker, but for animation this is what you need. (Try the version for users. Movie Maker 2.6) installed to see around that are ready to move.

As I said earlier my son like a stop motion animation Lego to the context. I will explain how to create animations with the versions. Movie Maker after the picture with the camera into. Windows and save your valuable some

Open Windows Movie Maker and then select the Home tab. (And should be a start). Then select Add videos and photos. By clicking on the first motion for your press Shift and click on the image for the final movement, you can import all pictures at once. That not only will be placed in the order you remove them.

Then press the opportunity to play your The image will play for about 5 seconds each. This is ideal for travel snaps slideshow but not good for moving the frame so it seems to move the motion.

Using the same click / method Shift – Click mentioned above, select your entire image that appears in the window beside the screen video playback. Now select the Edit tab in the box and across time. Drop-down menu lets you choose the duration for each frame from the second. That way too long for us. But fortunately, you can specify a lower amount. I put in 0.10 for a period.

Now you can add a move by selecting the first frame of your Home tab and use of the name and optional description. Use the Visual tab to fade into the frame of the animation is first received. Move smoothly and do the same to the end of the animation.

Add music easily. Went back to the tab selected. Add Music to MP3 then choose Save your project often choose, especially if a large file. Then create a movie file to your distribution option by clicking the icon in the upper right corner of the screen. You can also choose Announced immediately. Youtube or saved in various formats.

Creating a simple animation with stop motion. Windows 7 fast and easy. With rearranged Windows Movie Maker can start the movie with kids a few clicks.

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